Thursday, March 27, 2008

When Kimi Met Tong

When Kimi met Tong, there were no fireworks but nice presents from Cath to Kimi. They played on their own, a few times snatched toys but were generally placid. Think need a few more months before they know how to play with each other.

Think Kimi was overwhelmed with Tong's toys to notice his playmate. Sorry, Tong! But Tong was as sweet as ever and even more sharp and sensitive. Kimi was holding onto a Dog flash card and we decided to leave the room for lunch.

So I took the card from him and started to walk him out. Of course, much to my embarassment, he begin screaming. Tong was so sweet and brought the Dog flashcard and gave it to my bawling son! How sensitive can such a young toddler get? And Tong is exactly 1 month younger than Kimi. We are ashamed...

I really hope they can grow up as great play mates!

Cath pressie for Kimi - Look how lovely it is wrapped?

A security blankie! Great! Cos Kimi loves to nibble at cloths

The 2 boys, excited about the fountain at Cath's condo

Think Tong mus be wondering what is the fascination with the pebbled top...

Kimi's favourite BUBBLES!



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