Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Today we went on a playdate with my neighbour's son, Wayne. The boys had so much fun running, jumping, climbing and bouncing on the Bouncy Castle at T3 that before sleeping, Kimi said this to me :-

Kimi : Mama, thank you for a fun day at the Bouncy Castle!

Me : You are most welcome! (*Beaming from ear to ear*)

Sometimes Kimi CAN be sooo sweet .... :)

This Bouncy Castle is on at Changi T3 daily from 12pm to 10pm and limited to 15mins per child. And best of all??? It is FREE!!! Available from now till 4 Jan 2010!

I'm sure we will be heading there again! :)
A shot before attacking the castle! And this is how you do it - Kimi's style. Climb without using the stairs on the left ...
Slide down in style ignoring EVERY instructions laid out to him earlier by the play guides ...
Or, when more familiar, try the norm too ... just to show that he too can listen to instructions ....
And then, jump into the ball pit with aplomb and repeat cycle again! Haha!
Look at how tiny Kimi is against this huge musical ball. Every 15 or 30mins, it will open up and release lovely x'mas tunes. During scheduled times, (7pm onwards on weekdays and 12pm onwards on weekends) balls will roll out from the tubes and you can redeem it for toys, sweets, etc. How nice right? See my Kimi waiting dutifully to catch something? But nothing came as it was not during the scheduled time. He was so sad! All these are FREE too! We went to Forum after that thinking that the Green Sheep was still on but it had ended on 6/12, the kids were so disappointed! But Toys'r'us saved the day!


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