Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I've Got An Award!

A fellow bento blogger passed on this award to me in a bid to encourage me to keep up with the blogging. Isn't she sweet? Many times, we 'meet' people, other moms online and we don't even know them personally yet they can make your day, literally!

A biggie THANKS to Javapot. Do visit her blog for cute and awesome bentos for both adults and kids!

So, here's my turn to pass the award on. The rules are simple. Just pass on this award to 15 new to me blogs. Hmm, maybe difficult for me cos I'm normally a 'silent' reader... not sure if I just pass to them will they pick it up? Anyway, I will have a mixture, old and new. Like Javapot, I hope this award can sweeten their day and encourage them to never stop blogging cos they have such GREAT blogs which I absolutely enjoy reading !!! :)

1) Sweet Mini Mango
Catch 40 Winks
Especially For Will
Little Prince
Our Precious Memories
Why Not
World of Little Lucas
Jireh & Je t'aime
9) Kayla & Kieran's Lil' Big Moments
Mamabliss' Treasured Moments
Cuisine Paradise
Baby Hiroshi
Memories of Growing Up
Our Pride & Joy
Snippets of Joy


Nic said...

Hihi! Thks for passing the award
:-) This is the first time I receive it and indeed, it is quite an encoraging act :-) There are so many mommy bloggers out there and we really never know whho's reading who's blog...and thks for visiting mine :-)

BTW how do I pick up the award now that I'm here?!? haha...I'm not very savvy...

and you have a lovely child...doesn't look Chinese :-)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the award Tona :) Altho' I will probably not pass it on cos I am not very good at tagging n having to follow up.

Kim said...

Hey Babe...

Thanks tonnes for the award!! Its very refreshing and encouraging to know that at least someone likes to read what I write!! Wahahaha...

Anyway, probably won't pass the award along cos I don't know 15 bloggers!! :p

But I would like to pass it back back to you for the wonderful effort you put in to looking after Kimi and your delicious recipes!!



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