Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art Class - Project #3

This time round the kids practised tearing up papers and for the next few days, Kimi kept tearing everything!! Oops! But it is good finger practise, we know. :)

They will tear paper into all shapes and sizes and from there Teacher Maria asked them what they can see from the different pieces of paper.  I like how she guides the kids.  Not by telling them the 'destination' and then 'navigating' their way there.  But rather, let them use their creative minds to think what they can achieve with what they have at hand.  This is what art is really and all about, isn't it?

Anyway, as usual, Kimi can always see an elephant in everything!  Even the clouds in the sky or the bubbles patterns he makes on the shower screen! :)

This is by far, my favourite piece!  I love how he managed to get this beautiful 'batik-like' colour and how close the colour is to the real elephants!  Wished I could make this into a fabric!  Wouldn't that be beautiful?
From the torn paper, they assemble the pieces to see the prototype

Then they re-do it with getting the colour they want, tearing again and assembling it.  Kimi says it's his elephant splashing and playing with the water at the river by the rocks!  I love his creative and rich imagination! :)



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