Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bento #42 - Sea Creatures

3 mini octopus sausages, steamed corn, edamame skewers, Calbee Prawn crackers (Kimi's current favourite) and 1 blueberry mashmellow

Our church celebrated Mother's Day cum Pastor Prince's Birthday on 9/5/10 and there were only 2 services, 10am and 2.30pm.

We went for the 10am service with Charmaine and we decided to pack some snacks for the boys as service may stretch beyond 1pm.  I'm glad I did cos Kimi was quite hungry and finished everything.

I was so glad to attend service (the 1st service aft Dad passed) cos without the healing from God, I would have turned mad, really.  Worship was 30mins in addition to healing and more worship by Pastor.  I would say it was almost an hour.  God is good and knows my heart and really comforted and healed me, giving me strength.  Thank you Jesus!


Lia Chen said...

Tona, great to see your bento again! Mini octopus sausages are so cute and colorful with those heart picks. Glad to hear that you are okay. GBU and family :)

tona-mama said...

Lia, tks so much! U are always so encouraging, such a comfort to see your comments! :)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi sis, so long nv see u post bento leh.. these are so lovely... :)

So nw u attending the service at NCC? Sometime i will go there with rey in the 1st session too :) mb one of these days we will meet up again :) Take care and God bless....

Angeleyes said...

Cute octopuses!!!
I was contemplating doing something like that this morning but no time as baby was awake!

tona-mama said...

Ellena- Tks for your encouragement. :) Ya, I rarely make these days. Hope can make them more regular. :)

NCC has been my home church since Mar last year and I usually attend 1st service and I go to Gallery West unless hb with me then we 'chiong' to auditorium.

Hope can see you in church soon! :)God Bless!

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes - Nvm, try next day? Really not easy with toddler n baby and trying to fix bento!!

Salute you lor!


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