Saturday, December 03, 2011

UK 2011 - Gardening

The weather was rather good this morning with clear sly and good sunlight but it was still draughty so that meant it was rather chilly.  We decided to stay in today despite being a Saturday cos firstly we had a late start and Hugh was keen to clear up the overgrown bush and dead leaves so we have an open view come Spring.

But before that, the kids had a good time cycling, playing football, hockey, rugby and just mucking about running and chasing each other in the open field.  Good workout for the lungs! Ah, and not forgetting to say hi and feeding the horses too!

And really, the kids had such a fun time pulling weeds, vines and what have you in the overgrowns and poking at the soil that they can't wait to do it again! :)
Kimi having a go at the rugby ball

Football craze!

The horses which the kids love visiting

Kimi trying the feed and stroke the horse

The girls helping to remove the creepers/stranglers from the trees
Kimi also tried to help by clearing the dead leaves, twigs and branches to the sides

Ivy vines in abundance! I loved these ivy vines and I remembered I had to pay $20 for a small pot and had quite a little bit of a hassle to grow these around my large water pipes in my old house. And here, it is growing wild in abundance!

The sun sets early, round about 3.30pm


Bobo said...

wow, it has been months we didn't see your new post.. obviously you have moved to UK? great to see your post.. and hope so more of your post soon.. :)

tona-mama said...

Hihi, Tks for revisiting!

Lol! No, we are on holiday at my sis's pl in England.

It's been a yr since I last posted. Hope I can keep up! :)


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