Sunday, December 04, 2011

UK 2011 - Lunching out

We decided to try out this Steak and Pasta, joint at Witney today for our Sunday lunch and although I was ok with the food and service, my sis wasn't too pleased when her order of a rack of ribs were cold. :(

The decor at Frankie & Benny's was pretty nice and cosy but it was a rather small restaurant really.  I think the ribs were marinated very well and the meat was soft and juicy and fell off the bones easily. The steak I had was a little over charred on the stop and a little too 'veiny' for my preference.  Kimi's order of Fish & Chips were also a little overcooked.  But I found the onion rings really juicy, sweet and yummy.

Well, because they did not attempt to do anything about the cold ribs, my sis has decided not to return! Lol! But, who knows, the kids loved the ribs and I am tempted to try making the ribs next week!

Nice mirror in the restaurant

The Coulthards

Claire's order of Rack of Ribs - I was too slow, she chomped on it before I could even whip off my cam's lens cover!

My a little over-charred on the top steak

After lunch, we went a little shopping and Kimi was running with the kids earlier

Love this pix! I managed to grab a pix of him running and jumping!

A decent shot at the X'mas tree



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