Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bento #257 - Happy Seals, 31/7/12, Tue

Today's cute seals are inspired by Ming @ Bentomonsters. Tks Ming for sharing your tutorial. :)

Seals sit happily atop ume somen and tossed in Mentaiko dressing. Added cheesy pork cutlets, broccoli and corn. Fruits are apple slices and nectarine. Hb bought alot of fruits back from France and this nectarine is so sweet and juicy. I really do no justice to fruits, I just cant cut them nicely like some other mummies do.

Yipee, Kimi ate both quail's eggs.. He said he dipped it in ketchup which I gave him in a small container.  Finally, there is progress re quail's eggs.  Next = tomatoes!



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