Friday, June 02, 2006

How it all began ...

02/06/2006 is a very special and unexpected day for me. Brought the girls out for shopping as Claire's birthday is round the corner. My period is late and I put all that down to accumulated stress from work, assignments and the looming exams! Decided to buy a pregnancy test kit since it was on sale at Watson's.

As usual, fell asleep on the sofa once I hit home in the evening... have been wondering why I've been so tired recently... must be that darn time of the month again and the lack of sleep trying to finish up all my assignments.

When I finally roused at 11pm, decided to have a shower before hitting the sacks again. This was when I decided to try the kit as I have no patience to wait till next morning... and guess what? There were 2 lines... I'm pregnant! What a shocker! It was 11.15pm and I quickly called Jenny who was also shocked out of her socks and asked me to buy a more reputable kit the next day to confirm.

I was also petrified as I just gobbled the remaining half of the honey pineapple a couple of hours ago.. lucky Enzo helped me with half or it. Hugh suggested I drink some warm water to 'dissipate' acidicty effect if I was worried! So, I drank a whole flask and ended up not sleeping but waking to go to the loo the whole night.

HB will be back tomorrow early morning... how shall I break this special news to him?



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