Saturday, June 03, 2006

Breaking the news to hubby

Hb will be back early so going to pick him up from airport. How shall I tell him? Hmm, wait till we get home then break the news to him.. don want to do it in the car. From the 15 mins that I met hb to the drive back seemed like an eternity and I can hardly contain my excitement and laughter... but I did it!

Once home, hb went to the kitchen to get a drink and I shoved the test kit into his hands. He didn't even know what that was! I kept asking him to just 'look lah!' . After a few seconds, he asked if I was pregnant and I said, 'yah'. He was very shocked but very happy.

Still, he said we should listen to Jen and get a more reliable test kit. At 10am, walked down to mall's pharmacy and bought Clearblue. We both waited in anticipation but realised that after 15 mins, the kit is faulty! Darn!! Went to pharmacy to get another replacement. This time used another brand that requires you to collect and drop urine droplets into the kit. As the urine passed through the window, the significant pink line appeared immediately without needing us to wait for a few minutes. It's 11.15 am ... wah, we really have an affinity with 11.15s?

Called Jen who suggested I'd see a gynae to confirm. Quickly called Charmaine to get Dr Gordon's no. and his nurse asked me to be there by 12.30pm. Hb insisted to drive me there although he just got back from a long flight.

In Dr Gordon's room, I hopped onto the examination bed and Dr Gordon said if we were to see a round pouch with a ring around it, means I am preggie. Held my breath and almost immediately Dr Gordon located our 'seed of love' and congratulated me. I am 6 weeks & 5 days today and our baby will be due 23/1/07! I was very happy but still light-headed from the shock.

Hb was waiting in the car downstairs. As I got in the car, he didn't say much... guess he must have known or could see it from my face! We drove home, me to rest but the euphoria was just too great to allow me to sleep so ended up telling family and friends the good news. Even hb was too excited to sleep and quickly spread the good news to his family and friends.

Scan above shows the little ring ... can u see it? somewhere at the lower right with 2 little pluses



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