Friday, June 23, 2006

Yipee! My EXAMS are finally over!!

As I struggle to finish my last paper, I can't help but feel so relieved and light - like am dancing in the air!!! FINALLY, I DID IT !!! I can finally PUT MY LEGS UP - literally!!! haha!

Now, the stress will come - am I going to make it? Can I graduate this semester? Frankly, I can't do another semester, I MUST PASS!! I don't care if I don't do well - I just want to pass. It's been a tiring, stressful and stretching year. I'm glad I pushed on and I'm even more glad I have a good study partner, Magdalene! We work well together, egging each other on ...

Now am looking forward to results, graduating in Canberra and going for the next check-up on 27/6/06 to see our precious! Can't wait to see him ... wished I had the scan at home so I can check on him everyday! I wonder if hb is as excited and kan-cheong as I am?



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