Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Best Gift for My 1st Mother's Day!!!

Can't believe how time flies - last year tis time I was still juggling work, assignments and impending exams! In a blink of an eye - I'm now a mother to a coming 4 month old boy. Hence, tis year is especially special for me as it is my first Mother's Day.

We decided to celebrate earlier, on Saturday instead of Sunday to 'beat the crowds'. I was craving for Mexican so we went to Margarita's @ East Coast. Food was not fab - I prefered Chico & Charlie's @ Holland V beta, but it's too far to travel. However, the company was great as the 2 most important men in my life was by my side..

(Above - HB and our darling son)

(Below - Mother & son)

So what could be the best Mother's Day gift for me? Kimi gave out his first laugh & chuckle after dinner in the car. He was almost dosing off when he suddenly became so tickled and let out tis most sweet and cute laughter. It all lasted a good 5 mins and he quickly went to sleep again!!

Maybe I looked really funny as he kept staring at me and laughed - it was the sweestest sound I've heard!

My Mother's Day wish is for Kimi to grow up healthy and well - that's all I sincerely hope for - am sure all mothers would agree!

Thanks, baby for making my first Mother's Day most memorable!



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