Thursday, May 31, 2007

May's Reflections - Ambitions

Bumped into a friend/ex-coursemate recently while shopping in town. She looked so different, all decked in sharp office wear and fashioned with a Gucci bag.

This girl I once knew was dying to get into marketing. She did many contract jobs and finally turned a corner and she's now some manager in a FMCG. Whoa, how times flies and I remembered giving her pointers on how to land a marketing job, etc. And here I am, a SAHM.

After the initial exchanges and updates, oohs & ahhs over Kimi. My friend asked me point-blankly, "So, I guess you don't have any ambition anymore now? I was shocked in my shoes but I answered her, "Of course I do!"

In fact, I have ambitions everyday, throughout each day! I aim to :-
- make kimi finish his every milk feed
- ensure that kimi has enough naps in the day
- strive to let kimi have his beauty sleep on time
- make sure kimi poo poos
- inculcate good values in kimi
- to finish my chores before he wakes
- to be a better mom to kimi
-read or do some flash cards
- play & exercise kimi's motorskills

Really, the list goes on. You mean these are not good enough ambitions? Does ambitions have to be the career kind? Are SAHMs not worthy of their place around society, friends, etc?

I felt rather upset but kept my cool. I think it is really about time that moms get some form of recognition. Let me share with you, being a SAHM is far more stressful and challenging than working. Now, am not saying that a full time working mom has it easier. But, you never know what it is like until you have done it - 24/7 with baby! It gets worst when baby is cranky and difficult and you simply have no help. Even a simple mundane need of going for a pee takes a back-seat.

I start my day at 5 to 6am depending when Kimi wants his milk. And more often than never, I do not get any afternoon naps (there's jus too much chores to complete!). I get busy till Kimi sleeps at 7+. But my day don't end there. Night time is also chores time while watching telly or just surfing the net. My day ends when Kimi gets his last feed at 12+ to 1am. And the whole cycle repeats again. Honestly, am shagged out each day in the evening, both mentally and physically.

Now does being a SAHM sounds as easy and relaxed as everyone thinks so? Honestly, No!

Well, I guess our life changes and so do our priorities. I believe in making the best of the present situation and living life to its fullest with my darling son!

With a smile like Kimi's, I tell you, it's all worth it!



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