Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toys & Clothes Galore from NYC

Been wanting to get the best exersaucer for Kimi so it can not only keep him occupied but helps to stimulate his motor skills. For me, gives me a bit of time to do some chores around the house.

After reccing for sometime now, found that the Evenflo exersaucer is what I've been looking for - able to rock, bounce and rotate. This model can even be converted to a play table when Kimi outgrows the exersaucer.

So this exersaucer shall be IT! Asked hb to lug this back since he was going to have a flight to the States...ermm.. plus a few others which I have been eyeing.

But they aren't jus toys, they are good, educational toys aimed at stimulating and enhancing motor skills, etc, etc.

Well, guess there's always a good excuse to buy something.. better don't let hb see this... But being the doting father & husband, he lugged my whole shopping list back! Some were brought back by Julie as she made a surprise trip back to Singapore to be with her mum.

GAP Clothes From Papa



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