Saturday, September 01, 2007


Asparagus - This is one of my favourite veg, in fact I love most veg especially those that are dark green.

Decide to introduce this fab veg to Kimi so bought a bunch and set out to puree these lovely spears for him.

Hmm, the steamed & pureed taste is good for me but I am quite apprehensive... got a feeling Kimi may not like it as it has a slight bitter aftertaste. I hope he will learn to appreciate this veg as it is packful with nutrients, good for a growing baby. In fact, it's good for everyone!

Of course, asparagus will taste different if I stir-fried with scallops! But, darling, not yet ok? When you are ready, mummy will make it more tasty for you, I promise! But for now, you just have to make do with asparagus prepared this way. Will throw in some pear to make it better!!

(left to right) - 1) All washed & ready for steaming, 2) Steamed & yummy asparagus

(left) - Looks like pea ya?

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