Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Thorn Among the Roses

As the men of both my sister's & my household were away, we girls decided to take a sneak to the zoo today. Yes, yet again for me & Kimi. I think the zoo will be my next hangout for the next couple of years.

The Hb has also asked that I bring Kimi for a 'walk walk' often when he's away - he says it's good for Kimi to be exposed to the outdoors more than just only shopping centres - yes, I do agree (to an extent - it's hard work leh hon, on my own with bb in tow for a trip to the zoo! But I'll try, as always.)

Anyway, it's the start of week long school hols so it's good excuse to bring the girls out. We dragged mom along - great babysitter for Kimi since both enjoy each other's company so much! Keke!!

We started early reaching the zoo before 9am. We had a quickie brekkie and headed in. The girls had an itinerary on their own and told me what animals they wanted to see. That made it easier for me though.

After 6 hours, we covered most of the attractions. And guess what? All of us forgot our cameras so I only managed to snap a pix of Claire posing with a snake. Well, next time.

(Above - Look how much Claire has grown! Such a big girl now!)

But all of us, esp the girls and even Kimi had loads of fun. We left the zoo at 3+, all exhausted, sweaty & hungry!

The girls were game for another trip before school opened. I'm game but not sure about Jen & mom!



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