Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bento #3 - Pineapple & Gems

Kimi's favourite strawberries, pineapple rolls, gems biscuits

I've started packing breakfast for Kimi as I want him to get used to eating with his little friends. I'd usually include fruit &/or yogurt with brekkie. In fact, we try to let him have as much fruits as we can.

Recently, I stumbled on an exellent blog (shoppingmum) that was just perfect for me - Amy also packed 'snack' bentos for her kids and it also included fruits. Hence, the combo are good for me. In fact, her blog made me lazy! Haha! Cos, really, it is a reference book for me (lucky me, no need buy bento books) cos I only need to turn to her blog and I'll be smacked with ideas what to pack! She is sooo fabulous! I've learnt so much from her! Pls check out her blog.

Anyway, CNY is round the corner so I have all these goodies to pack - easy for me, happy for Kimi!



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