Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kimi Says, Two!

Kimi turns 2 today and how quickly! When he woke, he was warm and after a few hours, he was down with fever & flu ... aiyo, what a way to start your birthday ya? Anyhow, after a good nap and some medication, he was up and about and raring to go!

As it was rather late already, we decided to have early dinner at his favourite character's restuarant - Mickey Mouse Restaurant. I ordered pizza, chicken stew and seafood chowder. All of which he ate none - he only wanted the Mickey Mouse shaped plain bread. Anyhow, the food was terrible. I wouldn't go there again even if it was free. Pizza was not too bad, the stew was scary.

We then proceeded to WTC for Kimi's first ride on the cable car. We had intended to let him cut his birthday cake in the cable car but I couldn't get a small, character cake and didn't know where was the nearest Polar.

Kimi enjoyed himself thoroughly as there were some construction on Sentosa and he is into cranes and diggers now.

We had the cake cutting the next day with more pressies to be opened!

Kimi darling, may you be happy, healthy and keep God in your heart always!

Our day in pix & video :-

When Kimi woke and had his milk

On the way to dinner and he posed for me too!
No Mickey, Goofy also can!
Father and son
The food - chowder, stew
Mickey Mouse pizza - Kimi seems interested but din even take a bite!
He only ate the plain buns
Father & son shares a moment together in the cable car
Family pix - look my right eye still looks not too good
Love it when Kimi gives me a hug!
Yup! His first candy - fruit marshmellow! He loves it! Well, this is testimony that even if you kept them away from salt & sugar till 2, they still love the taste of sweetness! First bite and that's it! That confirms that every child IS different! Kimi obviously has my sweet tooth! :(
The next day - In fact his 4th cake blowing and he loves it!
Overly eager to blow out the candles
Unwrapping present from Julian gor-gor. Thank you Uncle Daric, Aunty Charmaine and Julian gor-gor!


Lil Smurfy said...

ai yo, i missed those milk drinking scenerios.. my boy's sworn off milk when he's 1.5yrs old.. i'm gonna try marshallow oso kekekee... so far he's into CNY junk food, but he still dun like cold drinks, too sweet stuffs leh?

tona-mama said...

Huh? No milk? then u up his other calcium intake? I cant seem to find that fruit was a goodie bag from Kimi's classmate. Not too sweet. Aiyo, kimi oso likes CNY junk food..that's y i pack those for breakfast and he cant work off the energy in school in case got sugar rush! Haha! I oso don give cold or packet drinks and try to limit the junk food. Aiya, he oradi 2 yet m still anal n ah?

tona-mama said...

oops, I meant Kimi can work out the extra energy in school in case sugar rush! haha!

Lil Smurfy said...

kekeke i have become more relaxed in his food oredi..just give small pcs to try.. funny thing he dun like too sweet stuffs and cold stuffs yet (dun like durians, packet drinks, carbonated drinks).. calcium arr, he takes yohgurt and cheese :x.. no choice, i tried organic milk, goat's milk, different fresh milks, different flovoured milk, all he rejected..

tona-mama said...

Aiyo, isn't it a blessing he doesnt like sweet stuff? Mine, 1 bite and hooked! Taking yogurt n cheese is good! :) Kimi don like cold stuff but he loves slightly chill. Like I wld add 1 ice cube to his water and he'll finish it in a jiffy but too cold he will spit it out. Funny hor?

Lil Smurfy said...

yah yah, i'm thankful that he's an easy eater ;).. just that my constant worry is calcium intake only.. u tried ice-cream? ;) hahhaha... these days whenever i eat deserts (cheng teng, icejelly cocktail, anything), i asked him whether he wanna or not, he's always shakes his head kekekekee


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