Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you all my dear blog readers who have been sms-ing and leaving me messages. We are better! :)

Well, it had been a tough month for both Kimi and myself. He was sick the whole month, hopping from 1 illness to another. I, too, caught his bug and also never really recovered - guess due to zero rest?

Kimi finally was well enough to go back to school on Monday and I felt my energy picking up again... but well, guess God has more plans for me (I think He wanted me to rest MORE!).

I scratched my cornea on Tues and was totally out of action relying solely on hb for everything from Wed (Thank God, hb was home on Wed). I'm now in the midst of recovering. Only managed to see/read better today.

Well, there were quite a bit of changes in the past weeks and I promise to update here soonest when my eye feels more comfortable.

Thanks again, everyone! I'm so touched by all your concern! :)

Btw, Happy 2009!!


Lazyg3r said...

Gosh, Tona, 真是祸不单行! You rest well and take care!! Charge yourself fully for the coming CNY ya! =)


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