Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moscow Houston Part 1

It was a 10 day working trip for hb and we decided to tag along. It was a rough week cos Kimi was not too co-operative, rather grumpy but he really enjoyed Moscow Zoo. Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener for us all to see how post-communism people lived. Well, if I had a choice, I might not visit Moscow again but I wouldn't mind going into the countryside for a different experience.

Moscow Zoo was a pleasant surprise. Entrance fee was only S$7 and they have loads and loads of animals, really! In Singapore, we have to visit a few places just to see animals, birds, etc. In Moscow, there are all sorts from insects to iguanas to even a cayote and snow leopard and all under 1 roof!

Despite the huge variety, I feel the animals are not as well cared for compared to our Zoo. We were happy to catch a whte tiger a glass panel away and even a family of Gorillas! Moscow Zoo is a must go.

It was past 11pm and Kimi is still awake - too excited to sleep, I reckon. Kimi admiring the water feature at Transit Hall T3
Cute Post Office bus
Kimi snacking on wafer and said it was a turtle. :)
At Hotel in Moscow - See how happy he is?
Lovely! At night the arc will be lit with lights
One of our few family shots - St. Basil's Cathedral
People would throw coins after a wish and this old lady was walking around picking them up. Kimi wanted to imitate her! I had to stop him!!
A rather modern looking high-chair? Useless.. it is fitted with wheels WITHOUT brakes! Kimi was 'skating' away in this. Anyway, it was in Macs
Our 1st Russian meal - and it is Mac Donald's! haha!
At a park inside Red Square
Lovely blooms - even the flowers are so 'disciplined and organised'. Teeheehee!
I really wonder how they keep the minarets/domes so shiny!
Look! How long the escalator is! Going down to the trains
How interesting - wooden escalators and numbered every 5 steps. Organised.
Stroller ramp Russian style. It's for strollers and wheel-chairs
Yay! Moscow Zoo. Kimi's favourite
So happy at the bouncy castle. There is a mini amusement park in the zoo
Kimi patting a horse
Brown Bear!
Cheetahs real close!
A large pond that has all kinds of ducks, flamingoes, etc. Nice. They were even little huts built for these water friends.



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