Monday, September 28, 2009

Stomach Flu

Upset, frustrated and exhausted.

Upset cos Kimi caught the bug as I needed to let him go to school on Thursday. He has not been attending school since last week, averaging once a week. Kimi started throwing up on Friday at 10.10pm. When he threw up the 2nd time at 11.20pm, we whisked him to the hospital.

Frustrated cos the school did not do any sort of clean-up, whatsoever even when one (as far as I know cos I only have this parent's contact) of Kimi's classmate and subsequently teacher had the bug!

Exhausted ... 'nuff said.

Now even hubby has caught the bug. I'm the last man standing ...

"Father God, please keep me strong so I can care for them both!"

Be back soon.


Shirley said...

Take care and God's healing hands be upon your family. =)


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