Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moscow Houston Part 2

We arrived in sunny Houston, USA on the 28/8/09. It was to be a short 3 days stay. As we had not reserved a car earlier, the car rental branch near our hotel did not carry any car seat. So, there out my outlet shopping and frolicking in the countryside out of the window.

Nevertheless, we make the best of the situation and shoppped near us and ate and ate!

When we were back in Moscow, we were so disappointed that the Moscow Circus was closed as it was the 1st day of school and it had a private performance. Hence, we spent the day at a large amusement park which was rather nice too but we had to pay for every ride despite paying a high entrance fee.

Well, at least Kimi saw some animals and sat on a pony so he was very happy!
Kimi insisted on his hat and sunglasses as we walked to the mall
This shop sold very insteresting puppets - all full sized and lots of detailing! I love the Llama!

This has got to be the best cheesecake I've eaten and we love the food served there too! Cheesecake Factory
My FAVOURITE!!! Carrot Cheesecake. This is the 1st time I eat something and I wasn't sure how to recreate it! I'm still working on it. It's the best carrot cake ever! Yummmm!
Sorry, the photography didn't do justice to the cakes as the lighting was really dim. This is the Lemon Raspberry which was delightfully sour so it didn't feel as heavy.
Look at the row of bottled water we drank! All 35 bottles of them, not including a few large PET bottles too! We were a thirsty family! Haha!!
Kimi's fave finger sign - no.3. Happy to be going for a dip in the hotel's pool.
Back in Moscow and inside the ticketing office of Moscow Circus. Kimi was so disappointed but he was understanding and did not kick a fuss. Good boy, Kimi!
From there, we walked to a nearby park to have our breakfast - bread with jam and Milo
Kimi saying Grace before brekkieThe large amusement park
My lunch - a hotdog wrap. It was rather nice as the crispy pickles was cushioned with a rather bland mash potatoe which was a nice combination. The wrap was too large though so alot of leftover wrap at the bottom with no fillings.
Kimi's ride on the pony
The most expensive toilet I've ever used! And it was jus a hole that you use inside this cubicle. No flushing system and no place for you to wash your hands after, inside or outside of the cubicle. Yikes! I had to slather on loads of sanitising gel after wet wipes! I couldn't use the toilet knowing there are 'goldfish' there! See the lady there? She stays in the cubicle and some of these ladies decorate them like their rooms. I couldn't snap a pix as she looked like she could eat me.
Look at the beautiful 'rainbow' that came about from the scorching sun against the vapour of the large musical fountain. Such a lovely sight!
Kimi sat on this tiger for a pix. It was so tame! Why? Cos it sat up when it's trainer walked towards him. This is what most trained dogs would do.
This bonobo really has the makings of a photo-model. As people gathered, he started posing! Vanity? Keke!
Kimi is so happy... why? Cos I was about to give him his dummy! Haha!
Guess what is the above? It's a bakery kiosk! Many operate their businesses out of such kiosks. Even a sundry shop!
Kimi playing with his playmobil and chomping on his apple. Even as we travel, we try to let Kimi have his servings of fruits. ;)



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