Saturday, September 04, 2010

Momotaro - The Peach Boy and Friends

I just realised that I've missed out posting sooooo many plays that I've brought Kimi to.  I'd better catch up on that else Kimi would thought that all he did when he was small was stay at home while his little friends, Estelle and Enbi were out enjoying every play and concert available!

We went for this play which Kimi likes very much (he even made me buy the story book much later after watching the play) with his usual 'kakis' (read : friends).  But the parking at LaSalle almost gave me a heart attack so no more parking at this place next play!

Kimi and Enbi. I love how Enbi looks in this pix, she seems all grown up like a young lady! Sweet!

 Kimi posing with the animal friends



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