Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Croc Farm Visit

Wow! I know this is terribly overdue but better late than never I guess. :)

During the September school holidays, 1 of the activities we did was to visit the Crocodile Farm.  Kimi has been bugging me to bring him to see the crocs for sometime now - ever since I let out that there was one nearby.  So I roped in Karen and her daughter for a morning of croc fun!

Frankly I didn't place alot of hope in seeing many crocs here as I know this farm since I was small.  This farm has been around for at least 30 to 40 years.  And the facade hasn't changed a bit since.  Hence, I thought there would only be a miserly few crocs.  But hey, I was wrong!  There were sufficient crocs to pique the little ones' interest that we spent an hour plus there!

The kiddos at the entrance
Besides crocs, there's this turtle that was rather frisky
Kimi's fave spot - an abandoned fountain turned crocs display
There were quite a few species at the farm
This is the oldest and largest croc there - the uncle working there told us that this croc was already there when he started working at the farm about 30 over years ago.  Scary! I won't even want to be near its enclosure (see video below for croc feeding)
Info galore! Kimi touching a real stuffed croc's teeth! You can purchase study/activity kits of various age groups at a very reasonable price.  It's a must get as there are useful croc info
The uncle stringing up the chicken necks for feeding as Karen and Kylie looks on...
Waving an unwilling good-bye

We were also so blessed to experience the process of croc feeding - scary is the word.  Nevertheless, the kids and moms had fun and learnt a fair bit here and I am sure we are going to be back soon.  As we made our way out, Kimi asked to visit again. :)

Singapore Crocodile Farm
790 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534660

Tel +65 6288 9385

Pls excuse my video-taking skills as I had to carry Kimi in 1 hand and made sure he don't get too close and my camera from now falling off my hands - phew, not an easy feat at all!



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