Friday, September 24, 2010

Racing Into F1

We were so blessed when our neighbour and hb's colleague gave us 2 VIP tickets to the F1.  Although it was not the actual race night, both father & son had a great time bonding.  I had the luxury of going for a quiet, un-rushed dinner and a little shopping.

But, frankly, I didn't even noticed that I did not slow down and continued to wolf down my food and walked quickly instead of a leisurely stroll in the shopping centre.  I only realised when I was on the phone with Karen who asked me where I was rushing to and why I sounded hurried.  It was only then it hit me that I had been too accustomed to being in a rush that I had forgotten to slow down.

What's more, with a few hours on hand, I felt so lost that I didn't know what to do or where to go.  I felt so lousy walking aimlessly.  I was so happy when hb called to ask me to pick them.  After 3 hours on my own, I wanted to go home, really. :)
 All decked up and ready for action!
 This must be Kimi's highlight cos he likes all things POLICE! Haha!
 When I picked them at Raffles Hotel, Kimi asked hb to take a pix of him with the Ferrari - Kimi loves fast cars!



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