Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bento #277 - Sirotan

I'm still on the character theme this week for Kimi's lunch bento.  Sirotan is a really cute seal character and I really did not do justice to him!  Little Sirotans are made of quail' eggs and I am so upset the gel literally melted and slided off, making a mess!

Been busy of late so I've been slack in posting. This was Wed's lunch.  Hmm, I'm kind of enjoying this theme thingey. :)

Defininitely not too happy with today's bento cos I think I did not depict the cute Sirotan as cute as he orginally is. I will try again soon.

Today's lunch is Butter Sugar with carrot bread, broccoli, corn, grapes and breaded fish. :)
Sigh, so upset the gel, melted and made a mess of Sirotan's face!



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