Monday, September 10, 2012

Bento #271 - Playful Pandas

Yaaaaawnnn! Argghh, it's the start of a new school term again. Where did the 1 week go??  We have not had enough fun or rest and it's back to school.
The 2 cute Pandas, Kai Kai & Jia Jia have landed safely in Singapore last week and we can't wait to see them.  Hb helped out in his company's function as he donned the Kai Kai costume.  How cute!!!

For the fun, I made a pair of Pandas today for Kimi's lunch.  He was so happy!

The fluffy and chubby Playful Pandas are rice onigiri and they are amongst asparagus disguised as bamboos, Salmon Teriyaki, golden kiwi, grapes, more corn and extra teriyaki sauce.
This short 1 week school hols I did not do much with Kimi but we did had lots of fun the last 2 days.  Arrgghh... I wished school hols starts now till next year! :(


Unknown said...

They are super cute! This version is also on my to-do list. :))

tona-mama said...

Thanks Ming! Yours will sure be super cute! Cant wait to see yours!! :)

Tian Min said...

Yes! The pandas are cute! ESP like their paws!

tona-mama said...

TM - Tks very much! Yes I love paw prints on anything actually!


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