Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bento #278 - Totoro

Ahh! Who doesn't like Totoro & friends? They are such a cute bunch! This is my 2nd time making Totoro and I'm loving it, will make again with bun which I saw at some blogs, :)

Totoro is made with 2 kinds of rice, white and rice tossed in black sesame powder.  They are hand-moulded.  I did not make the black part too dark as I don want the rice to be too bitter.
It's Kimi's favourite lunch combo today - breaded prawns with Japanese curry.  Japanese curry is mine and Hb's fave too, it mus run in the family? lol!  Added broccoli, corn and grapes. The Jap curry is inside the Thermos holder so it will be nice and warm when Kimi has his lunch later. :)



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