Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wu Bai + Osmanthus (Gui Hua) = Sweet

HB came back from Taipei this evening and brought back 2 of my favourite things :

1) Wu Bai latest CD with his signature, &
2) Osmanthus (Gui Hua) Mochi

How is Wu Bai in anyway connected to this dessert?

Both have an icy exterior yet inside it hides a rich & unforgettable persona. For the dessert, it has a crunchy & flavourful (winter-melon & sesame seeds) filling that engulfs your taste buds. It also has a whiff of osmanthus tea in its snow skin exterior and it's drizzled with a sour-salty sticky, osmanthus tea syrup on top. But am not sure what Wu Bai whiffs of! Haha!

(left - yummy osmanthus mochi)



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