Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OJT - Orange Juice or Tea??

Today at ante-natal class, we were all puzzled when Mrs Wong kept mentioning OJT ... I was wondering .. is it orange juice or tea or what??

Finally someone asked her and she said it stood for 'On-job-training'.

We were each given a baby doll to learn how to hold a baby in the different styles, bathing and swaddling techniques, etc. Although Hb was late as he landed at 7 plus.. I was impressed by the ease and familiarity he could hold the baby (without going thru the first part of the lesson) ... maybe he's an 'au-naturale' in handling babies?? Ok, then papa, you can take care of baby! Keke.

Bought these swaddling cloths and wash cloths for baby as recommended by Mrs Wong and pick up an Avent goody bag - a free small Avent bottle! I love freebies! Anymore??



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