Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy but satisfying weekend

Saturday 11/11/06
Went to the Pigeon warehouse sale today. Was upset that I was late as most of the ' good' items were snapped up within the first 15mins! Met Sherl there, she was early so she managed to get the goodies! So envy!

Wished I could have gotten the cloth nappies as heard it was only $10! Shucks! Nevermind lah, I still had a very very good bargain.. what more, they reduced many of the items from $3 to $2 and $2 to $1 so it was really well worth all the sweat. Imagine 1 romper for only $3.

I think the Mag Mag Cup Series was the best. Although it's going to be phased out, I've gotten all the spares to last Kimi till he's 4 I think, haha!! Also bought some for the girls... how not to buy? Only $1 per cup and $1 for 2 accessories!!

Look at the stuff I bought and all for only $36! Baby, mummy is getting good at bargains! Some of the items I bought :-

From the warehouse sale, I went to OG (which was having a 20% sale) and Robinson's to check out the Pigeon Steam Steriliser which I was eyeing. No luck at OG.

But, guess what? The $129 Pigeon bundles of Steriliser, warmer and newborn starter kit is still available. Hmm, so I'm going to return the warmer I bought earlier and get this bundle instead so that means I have to make a trip to town again tomorrow.

On the way home, I went to pick up the 2 cloth crib ' bumper' which Iceblue has so kindly helped me to buy.

Sunday 12/11/06
After yesterday's whirlwind of activities, today was also another one! So tired after such a busy weekend. But I've never felt happier as things which I've ordered are starting to come in and I'm beginning to see all the baby stuffs, so exciting!

Went to JL to return the warmer and bought the $129 bundle. Also went to OG to pick up these stuff (20% discount) :
1) 1 MIM Cotton Sateen Sling
2) Pureen Powder Detergent
3) Pureen Liquid Detergent
4) Tollyjoy cloth nappies
5) 1 Pigeon baby pillow
6) 1 mama-love bed-sheet
7) Black school shoes for Claire & Sarah

After lugging all these to the car, I proceeded to Chinatown where I bought 3 sets of materials so that Charmaine's MIL can sew the bedding sets for me.

What made me even happier was that I stumbled upon my fave J&J baby lotion which has been phased out. But the shop had some left so I bought 5 bottles. If I could carry more, I would have bought more lotion but I was really too tired already.

Was so hungry so I grabbed a Mac's Chix Wrap and ate in the car. Dropped the shoes off for the girls and by the time I reached home it was 9 plus!

Skyped with HB and showed him all the goodies I got! I'm so tired but so very happy! Also HB coming home tomorrow night, this time he will have 4 off days to spend with me!



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