Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anxious Check-up

Got up yesterday and felt a bad sore throat and a little feverish.. darn! Gargled and downed salt-water to try to relieve the pain. I hate getting sick.

Today is our scheduled routine check-up and I'm having the jitters as the last check-up 2 weeks back, I had put on 1kg but baby only gained 100g! I wonder how heavy he is now.

I've been eating like a machine, packing up on beef and fish and carbo so hopefully he'll be heavier. Although Dr Gordon have said that he is of average weight, we, as parents are nonetheless worried and always hope and pray that baby is growing faster, bigger and heavier.

How ironic right? Big baby also headache as it can be a sign of GD (gestational diabetes) and also difficult to birth. Ah well, we women are complicated creatures who enjoy contradicting ourselves!

Ok, update on check-up :
Baby @ 30 weeks 2 days
Weight = 1.5kg
CRL = 78mm

Baby has turned down ... no wonder the last few days I have been feeling kicks at my breast-bone area and increasing pressure on my bladder!

However, I have to see Dr Gordon every week henceforth due to my BP condition although I've been monitoring my BP at home twice a day. So far reading is ok but when I'm at his clinic, it just goes up! White Coat Syndrome! haha!

He has also commented that I am not resting enough so next few days have to hibernate liao.



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