Friday, June 01, 2007

Baby - Puree Glorious Puree

Time to let Kimi have a taste of 'real' food other than just rice cereal. Here, I bought a load to make a variety for Kimi. We have broccoli, pumpkin, peach, avocado, corn, carrot, potatoes, etc..

Juicy de-skinned peaches ready for steaming and puree
To de-skin a peach :-
  • Pop ripe peaches into a bowl of hot water for 5 - 10 mins
  • Remove and place in a bowl of ice/cold water, leave for a few mins. You will see the skin curling back. Peel off and steam the peach.
  • Pureem as requires and trf to baby cubes

Tried out my new handheld grinder - verdict : I think I'll use my trusted Braun next time..
Tiring and not fine enough, better for older babies

(L-R) - Steamed goodies, ready for puree; all done, ready for freezing!



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