Sunday, June 17, 2007

5 Months Olds Today!

Kimi is 5 months old today, how time flies!

Me & hb was flipping thru Kimi's first pix & videos when we realised how much he has grown, amazing!! When we first brought Kimi home, he was still so small, look how much he has grown!

Even the bath tub that we use for his daily baths, he looked so tiny in it then. Look at him now!! He seems almost too big for it now! In fact, he's even holding onto the sides on his own, balancing deftly in the tub!

Coincidentally, it's also Father's Day today. But I am down with a bad flu so we shall not be doing any celebration but to stay at home and rest well so that I can recover quickly for our Taipei trip next Saturday!!



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