Saturday, June 30, 2007

Purple Food

Needed to replenish puree for Kimi, so after our brekkie at Kovan this morning, I hopped over to the wet market to get some fresh supplies.

Was snooping around for the stuff that were running low when I spotted some purple sweet potatoes!! So cute cos normally those at NTUC, it's the orange coloured ones. Even the Japaneses ones are only purple on the outside and not inside. So I quickly grabbed some. While choosing, I had a sudden impulse to make a batch of ondeh ondeh as I was craving for some.

Plus, also added some new tastes for Kimi : zucchini & sweet pepper. Don't know if he will like it?? Try lor, anyway he needs to be exposed to as many tastes as possible. Also picked up an Australian Pumpkin, so cute & small - just nice for Kimi!

Kimi's New Food - Washed, cut & ready to be steamed!

Sweet Potatoes Puree, ready to be frozen
Since, I'm at it, must as well share my ondeh ondeh adventure and recipe. You will notice that I do quite a bit of agaration as that's how I cook - I just feel it and many a times, I really don't know the exact measurement. But, I'll try next time to write it down.
And I do alot of shortcuts - what with a screaming bb in the background, simply don't have time on my side. Nevertheless, hope you will enjoy this simple and easy (albeit time-consuming) snack!

Ondeh Ondeh Skin
- Approx. 400g glutinous rice powder
- 4
medium sized sweet potatoes
- 1 cup of Pandan Juice (I put 1 bunch of Pandan leaves & 1 bowl of water into blender & strain it afterwards)

- 2 rolls of gula melaka

For Finishing
- 1 grated fresh coconut (get those that have the brown skin peeled)
- 1 tsp of salt

Method :
  1. Sift flour into a large bowl, reserve a cup and place in another bowl

  2. Add salt to the grated coconut and place in fridge

  3. Steam sweet potatoes

  4. While steaming, chop up the gula melaka and set aside. Do not leave large chunks, best to use a 'shaving' method as this will ensure that filling will be melted when cooked.

  5. Once sweet potatoes are ready, mash lightly & add to flour together with the pandan juice

  6. Knead all ingredients together until it forms a pliable and soft but not sticky dough. If still sticky, add in the flour that was set aside earlier, bit by bit till manageable.

  7. Boil a pot of water

  8. Shape dough in balls, then push in the centre to form a well. Put in gula melake and carefully close dough and roll lightly into a ball.

  9. Once water is boiling, add the balls in. When the balls float, remove with strainer and roll balls with the grated coconut.

  10. Serve immediately & ENJOY!



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