Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kimi & His High Chair

I've been feeding Kimi in his swing since we started him on solids and that means I have to either sit on the floor or on a stool. Rather unsightly and troublesome for me too! So, we decided we REALLY need to get a high chair soon.

But being the fusspot as I am, I wanted the high chair to have these features, no less (if possible) purely for the safety of my son and the convenience of maintenance:-
  • Easy 1 hand removable tray

  • 5 point harness PLUS crotch guard (the centre pc to prevent bb from sliding down, I know my little bugger can be a handful and he may just do that and a pc of harness was not going to be good enough!)

  • Adjustable height so that in future Kimi can dine with us at the dining table

  • Lockable wheels

  • Easy to remove and clean/wash/wipe down seat

  • A leg rest so that when Kimi's bigger, he can rest and not let his legs dangle everywhere

  • Folds and can be stored away

Many high chairs had 1 or the other and I've been scouting for 1 since preggy. The one that met my requirements was the Chicco set but it was almost S$300!

Finally, we happened to go shopping at Causeway Point, KP and saw this and I grabbed it without 2nd thoughts as it met ALL my needs and was only S$99!!

Look at how happy Kimi is in his highchair!!



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