Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Boy Oradi

My baby is almost a big boy oradi cos he finished his milk milk on his own this morning! I'm so proud of him! It made me tear a little cos I was happy and sad ... happy cos he is growing well and becoming more indepedent. sad ... cos slowly he may not need me, his mummy anymore ... in a blink, he will be all grown up... sigh...

Women, we are such contradictory creatures - we can't wait for them to grow up yet when they show signs of independence, we worry we will lose our dependent baby.

My forum friend, Sherl commented to me today that our babies are growing up so fast... I cannot agree more ...
"See my milk milk finish oradi, mum. Told you I can do it on my own!"
"Wait, 1 last drop first..."
"Ok, I'm a happy boy now"


Anonymous said...

Hi Tona,

I just stumble across yr blog on baby Kimi. I have 2 sons, Mika and Kimi. Both of them are 6 and 4 years old. Nice name huh, Kimi? Actually I got the ideas of their name from F1. Are you a F1 fan?


tona-mama said...

hihi lannie! Tks for visiting & so nice to hear from you! How did u find us? So interesting! :) I do like F1 but not really a big fan but my hb is. I'm half Finnish so we wanted a Finnish name for our little boy. Kimi is most easily pronounced so Kimi it was. But I do simply adore Kimi R! He's soooo handsome!! Keke! Do u hv a blog? Hope we can hook up so small Kimi can meet w Gor Gor Kimi? We were joking saying tt if we do hv another boy, it may jus be Mika!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tona-Mama,

Sorry, for this late reply. I don't have any blog but you can find me in Friendster and Facebook.

I came across your blog from your friend's blog. Can't remember which one.

Do u know that Mika and Kimi is also Japanese name for girls? In Europe here, we normally keep the gender of the baby a secret b4 she/he is born. So...I knew their gender already, only kept it as secret ... and also.... oops.... in case wrong gender. Both names can be for both sexes. Hahah...

Mika and Kimi go to the same school, different class. Kimi have Ms Else on Mon to Wed and Mika have the same teacher on Thu and Fri. Sometime she also got confused. My MIL also sometimes pronounce Mika as Miki.

I'm a Chinese-Malaysian married to a dutch guy, residing in Netherlands. Hubby is a F1 fan.

Ok... if cannot find me... you know my email rite?



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