Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Mother's Pain

I think what hurts a mother most is seeing her child hurt. And it is magnified when their hurt arose because of her neglience.

Since Kimi was born, I would like to think I have been diligent in keeping him safe and well, except for the time he toppled out of the cot. Then, my heart stopped and turned cold when I heard the thuds in the kitchen.

But this time round, although it seemed like a small fall, he cried more vehemently and was kicking non-stop when I held him. I knew then he was in great pain. It took quite a while to calm him down although by then I was also sobbing and hating myself!

What happened?
I had placed the exersaucer next to the coffe-table so he wouldn't go beyond that area. Kimi then stood there playing happily with the toys on the exersaucer, pulling and tugging it. I think the floor was too slippery, he slipped and scraped his ears from the inside out. (I had just turned around to take a sip of water). His whole ear became purply-red and had a slight bleeding.

I hate it when things like that happen because I feel it COULD be avoided if I HAD been more diligent. I do believe that children need to fall to learn to stand but to get hurt like that is uncalled for and totally my neglience.

But children as children, they bounce back so quickly that he was playing and laughing 30 minutes later.

It is so true when they say that only a mother can feel another mother's pain. Sorry baby, mummy have caused you much pain today, I promise to be more careful.

Pix above - See my poor baby's ear (my hp couldn't take a good pix)
Pix below - Happy & smiling again!



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