Friday, November 23, 2007

I've Been Awarded & Tagged!

I was pleasantly surprised when my blog friend turned pal, Ellena, gave me this award. It's such a nice gesture and I've not felt 'appreciated' in a long while. Kekeke!! Thanks very much, Ellena!

I met Ellena through her fabulous food & baking blog. She is a very dedicated mom and a very creative and fabulous cook and baker. If you are thinking of getting some yummy home-baked goodness like Macarons and baked donuts, amongst other heavenly bakes, remember to get some from Ellena!!

After swirling in the clouds, I would like to make some others as happy as I am by passing this award to another 6 friends. Although I am supposed to pass on this award to 5 friends, I want to pass on this award to more. So we can all enjoy the joy of receiving!
All these bloggers are wonderful and dedicated moms who are very creative and have made their baby's blog so interesting and nice to read. Enjoy the wonderful pix and videos of cute cute babies!

  1. Charmaine Kee
  2. Elly
  3. Michelle (Bluegrapes)
  4. Michelle (BB Milk)
  5. Michelle (J&S Mum, Alethea)
  6. Serene (Zenn)

Before I start on my tag, I would also like to tag the 6 ladies above. My tag of 5 things :-

Found in my room:
  1. Mini pantry for Kimi's milk feeds
  2. Mini torchlight by my bed to check on Kimi in the middle of the night so I don't have to turn up the lights
  3. A bottle of water
  4. Air filter
  5. Kimi's cot - he sleeps right next to me and it's such a wonderful feeling to be awakened by his smiling face every morning!
I have always wanted to:
  1. Travel to the Himalayas, Tibet and making the journey on Silk Route.
  2. Live in a penthouse with a large roof garden that overlooks the sea or the city. It is equipped with a large kitchen with lots of storage & state-of-art baking and cooking equipment. FABULOUS!!
  3. Learn to speak Finnish, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish, Thai, etc. I love languages.
  4. Have more than 10 children! (I can't even manage with 1 now, sigh..)
  5. Play the piano & harp

Found in my bag:
  1. Kimi's dummy, snacks, face cloth, feed cloth, wet & dry tissues
  2. Handphone
  3. Wallet
  4. Keys
  5. Lip gloss

Found in my wallet:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit cards
  3. Used receipts & ATM slips
  4. Discount & Membership cards
  5. A folded heart made from a $2 note

I'm currently into:

  1. Thinking up of complete meals for Kimi and exploring new ingredients
  2. Blogging - it provides a channel for my rantings and is a great relaxation therapy
  3. Cycling
  4. Wubai (since when I'm not?)
  5. Melodolic lullabies, folk songs, nature sounds and soothing music for Kimi
  6. Books on parenting

Ladies, happy tagging!!



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