Monday, November 05, 2007

Kimi's Power Packed Brekkie

As Kimi gets bigger, I need to think up of better and more nutritiously packed foods for him This is 1 combo I came up with which is a real winner!

- 1 yolk to be made into scrambled egg (see method below)
- 1 tbsp of steamed spinach (cut/chopped after steaming)
- 2 tbsp of cooked & drained lentils
- A dash of powdered kelp
- 1 tsp of Tahini

Preparing the scrambled egg
- Separate 1 yolk into a microwave safe container & beat lightly
- Add 10-20ml of milk
- Dash of pepper
- Thumb size of cheddar, cut in small pcs
- Put micro on low and micro for 40sec, remove and use fork to stir
- Repeat till egg is fluffy and scrambly
- Set aside

Preparing the meal
- Place scrambled egg, lentils, spinach, tahini and kelp into bowl and mix thoroughly
- Serve immediately.

Tips :
- You can also add a little banana, yoghurt or other fruits so that it tastes better when baby is taking this for the first time.
Nutritional Facts
  • Tahini - What is it? (Adapted from the book, Super Baby Food)It is a super healthy spread made from ground sesame seeds (just as peanut butter is a spread made from ground peanuts). It is high in calcium, protein and the healthy fat that your baby needs for proper development, especially brain development.

  • Kelp - Powdered kelp (which is actually a seaweed) is a rich source of iodine. Purchase from natural stores and ensure it is deep sea and organic.



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