Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jab & Chomp

Dinner for today - Food that are fork and fingers friendly! Soyu & Basil Salmon, Boiled Broccoli With Peach Centres and Cream of Pumpkin (more like a mash so Kimi can dip the salmon and brocs in it.)

I started to let Kimi self-feed yesterday and he finished about 80-90% of his meal on his own and I will feed the last few bits. He loves using the fork but not so keen on the spoon. He's now avoiding anything that remotely resembles 'porridge'!

To be able to feed thus when it's his 1st time using a fork (yesterday used fingers), it's FABULOUS !! Well done Kimi! Keep it up, Mummy and Papa is so proud of you!


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow.. Kimi!!! Well done..... I bet mummy home-cooked food is so delicious rite :)


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