Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Naughty Corner

Look at my cheeky monkey...putting his hands on his chest (don know what he means though) and after this, he was grinning and grinning ... so cute! How to be angry for long?

Cat has been using the naughty corner on Tong for some time oradi and I've been itching to start too! But I reckoned how Kimi could stay still for 2 mins (1 min per year of age). I was also wondering which corner to put him - not many corners in my house!

Well, I was wrong! Sometimes, I think too much... (that's what hb says all the time!). I was so upset that he played with his juice from his drinking cup and have it spilled all over the floor. I wasn't bothered about the cleaning up. But, Kimi is one that loves to run and bash around all the time... if I had not spotted the puddle/s of water earlier, he could have slipped and fall.

I pulled him to stand at the wall next to the Buddha and told him what he did wrong and stood away from him, looking at him. He stood there so still that I could hardly believe my eyes. So, I quickly tried to snap a pix of him looking so serious and guilty.

It's been so long that Kimi would willingly pose or smile at the cam... But, today, he smiled at it and I could not contain my laughter anymore and burst out laughing so loudly he ran happily towards me.

That ended his naughty corner stand but I will definitely use that again... what a nice way to get him to stay quiet and still for 2 mins!


Jireh said...

Mummy also used the same method. But she called it 'Facing the Wall' instead of naughty corner. Whenever I misbehaved, she'll asked me to go and face the wall. Now, I will willingly go and stand at the wall myself when being asked to.

Btw, my parents don't use the word 'naughty' on me, they uses 'misbehaves' instead. Coz 'naughty' describes the person while 'misbehave' describes the action. Just sharing with u, hope u dont mind. =)

Jireh said...

Btw, kimi u are indeed so cute and cheeky. lol. That's a gd way to 'run' away fr punishment. lol

tona-mama said...

Jireh Mummy, Don't be silly! Of cos I don mind! :) Ya, I do know abt it n I've been told b4 too but, keke, I still use it! Old dogs cant learn new tricks! Haha! Tks for reminding me, will try to 'change'..keke!


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