Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thru tinted glass ...

Found an old pair of sunglasses (yup! those are mine, funky right? And you've always thought I was some old, boring hag? Ha!) and decided to let Kimi play with it instead of throwing it away.

Play with it he did but he also 'dismantled' it after a short while. It's ok, I meant to throw it out anyway. Glad he had fun and so much laughter playing with it!
Hi, how do you do? (see my hand extending out for a handshake?) Remotely resembles John Lennon? So retro ya?
Ok, let me explain zees ... (me, trying to sound cultured and using a frenchy accent, finger actions all included and of cos cannot forget to ...
look cool as well ...!)
Aiyo, sian ah... explain so much (with French accent some more) also don't understand?
Ok, let me adjust my glasses and try again ....
Arghhhh... think let me remove this pink glasses, move it up on my head (so can still look cool) and then I can speak clearly to you in Singlish! Understand liao bo?



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