Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bento #37 - Porcupine

Cake with butter sticks, 'hamburger' chocolate biscuit (can get from Japanese section at supermarket, yummy!), flower cut-out apples

I was teaching Kimi about his 5 senses and used porcupine to describe the 'pokey' touch sensation. I know, I know, this don't really look like a porcupine. But Kimi likes this cake and butter sticks so I put both together.

This will look much better if u shape the porcupine from rice and use fried/toasted white bait to mimic the spikes. But, Kimi recognises it and that is good enough for me. :)

Recently, I've been finding it harder and harder to get good fruits. Perhaps, this is really a sign of economy downturn cos suppliers are not bringing in quality stuff. I hate eating fruits that either taste like cardboard and is a lemon in disguise!

Last week I bought 5 apples and they tasted like lemons!! How can an apple be so sour??? And it was the most expensive of the lot - that's what made me so upset. Those I bought above are a tad more tasty than cardboard (lucky Kimi ate them!). That's why these days you see my bentos rather limited. But, then Kimi is not having a good appetite these days too. So, guess it works out well. :)


javapot said...

i think the porcupine looks cute - a little like a digimon or pokemon. well done.

tona-mama said...

Java - tks!! Oh it there such a character in pokemon?? I only know pikachu!! Cos that's wat I loved many years back!! :)

lilsmurfy said...

the same tots with fruits n vegetables... either the greens n fruits turns bad real soon.. or they r overly priced (strawberries n blueberries). they no longer bring in the black avocado which tasted more creamy. did u noticed gardenia dun bake fresh loafs of corn/rasins/banana walnut bread everyday oredi? hey, when is the zespri golden kiwi session? the current ones frm italy tastes soo sourish.

Angeleyes said...

Ooo... Love the cutie porcupine! I know of a shop near Tiong Bahru MRT they sell really fresh and good fruits not to mention reasonably priced too. Maybe I ask my friend again the address. If you're staying near by that area... why not rite? :P

cre8tone said...

Nice bento!~

shoppingmum said...

The porcupine looks alright to me. :)
I try to get more local fruits lately due to the increase of price for imported fruits, and also, I read somewhere that even imported fruits have preservatives.


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