Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farms and all things F

Continuing from last week, we visited a goat and frog farm. The goat farm was by the way as we were in the area but was very disappointed as we couldn't even get near the goats. We had to look from really AFAR! That's cos the AVA is afraid of transmission of diseases with the close contact - what a shame.

Kimi had more fun at the frog farm although he was a little frightened by the croaking of the mature frogs!

In the end, instead of visiting a vegetable farm or flower nursery as planned, I detoured to Sungei Buloh instead and we had such a wonderful time sniffing out the flora and fauna!

As it was nearing Kimi's nap time, we had to leave rather soon. But most importantly, Kimi didn't have his bug repellant on and I tell you, the mozzies there are like monsters! So, pls if you are going there, pls pls douse yourself and the kids with repellant!

Can't wait to visit again as Kimi really enjoyed the birds, insects and 'animals' we see there! I love bringing Kimi on such outings cos he gets to learn so much in such a short time and in a fun way too! :)

That weekend, I brought Kimi to a flute mini concert at the Esplanade. It was a free musical display of the ancient Japanese flute - Shakuhachi. What beautiful sounds! I was totally mesmerised! Kimi rather enjoyed it too. He sat through 15mins which I feel is an awesome time for such a young tot!

The goats from afar and the milking machine!

Frog Farm - Kimi could visualise the entire life cycle of a frog here. He also made a new friend. :)

Kimi on the boardwalk at Sungei Buloh - running away from mozzies!Unwilling to take a pix here...Kimi taking in the sights of the exhibits of the creatures found in Sungei BulohLearning about the different kinds of bird nestsThen we spotted a sunbathing monitor lizard. It was 'strolling' just at our feet!And some happy, hopping squirrelsKimi bird-watching. It's so serene I can just sleep there!

Waiting patiently for it to start - before it does, Kimi looks through his favourite PlayMobil catalogue

Looking on intently



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