Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire Station Visit

This little outing is part of our Letter F learning week where we learnt about Fire station, firemen, farms and all things F. Next week we will be visiting some farms like frog farms and hopefully a vegetable or flower nursery.

We both had a really enjoyable time and learning so many things we didn't know and took for granted for too! These guys really give their ALL for the job. Without passion, I don't think anyone can be a fireman, really. It's all so much hard work! We learnt so much too.

I'm sure we will visit again. By the way, Kimi loves his fireman hat. :)

Sitting in the HUGE truck!
Look how huge it is??? Kimi don't even reach the top of its tyres!
Trying on the bike
Smart little fireboy in the Red Rhino
Kimi's favourite part of the trip - using the hose!


Anonymous said...

kimi looked like he had fun! Does the fire station has any visiting hours? Where is it located?


tona-mama said...

Hi Tan, tks for visiting!

Yes, Kimi loved it!!

Fire stations are opened every saturdays for visits from 9am onwards. You can check the Civil Defence website for more information and which branch that is nearest to you.

But, the Central Fire Station is more interesting as it has an 'museum' so an extra area to visit and learn!!

Hope you have fun too! :)


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