Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bento Tools from Taipei

Animal egg containers & rice moulds/cutter

I was anticipating much more but hb couldn't find those I wanted in my list for him. These were the only ones he could find.


javapot said...

they are cute. so they don't sell them in Sg?

Mommy Mash said...

so cute!! hmm...ya hb got them from overseas? confirm not from Daiso right? haha

i tried the rice mould from Daiso..not sure if it's the texture of my rice. coz it was kinda sticky but after moulded, the rice not tightly stick together leh. machiam will 'collapse' anytime. how ah?

tona-mama said...

Java - ya lor.. spore abit boring leh.. quite impossible to get those 'professional' bento tools.. i mean those that are specially for bento. Mostly all from Daiso and other stores mostly carry those HK, sanrio characters..Msia the 100 yen shop so good! So many nice things!

Mommy mash - Ya, not from Daiso. If rice cant mould well mean the rice too dry. Normally I like to leave my mould a little wet(rinse) so that the moulded rice can unmould more easily.

If after cooking and u find your rice too dry, u can wet your hands/mould or add a little water to the rice and then add to mould. Try again! :)


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