Sunday, May 17, 2009

28th Month Old Adult?

It's been a while since I last recorded Kimi's achievements. It seemed like just yesterday when he was learning to sit up, pull himself up and walk. Well, in this post, I shan't blog about his abilities but Kimi as a growing individual.

Well, he has progressed much ... he CAN argue with me now. Kimi didn't really start speaking as quickly (according to my aunty's milestone. But frankly, I do not find it any late at all!). He started to speak more intensely (is this how I should put it?) at around 21 months or so. But once he got started, I am amazed how quickly he caught up and he even knows how to use past tenses! Eg, when he sees my grocery bags, he would say. : "mama bought ....", etc.

At 28 months today, Kimi sure is fussy like me, in many ways (sad to say too). He chooses even which underwear he wants to wear and only if he feels like it that day else he wants to have diaper instead. We have flatly refused nakedness waist down in our house, much to Kimi's dismay. He is absolutely crazy over Wu Bai and dictates which song he wants to hear. Hubby & I have no say these days ...

Like me, he has a habit of putting back items in the right place when it has fallen over or mis-positioned. I tried it on him a few times and he will re-arrange it.

Ahhhh, how Kimi loves water and his showers! There were a few times when we went out and came back a little late and I just thought I could do a quick wipe down and sent him to bed. But, no, he will contest for a shower! In a way, I'm glad he's like me, loves a shower before jumping into bed!

Sometimes I feel I have OCD. I get paranoid with Kimi touching anything and everything. And of cos, Kimi LOVES touching and pulling everything! So, I'm always cleaning his hands. So much so that now Kimi will say, "clean hands, germs". In fact, there were a few times, he told me to clean his face too cos it was a little sweaty. I had cleaned it earlier though and didn't think it was necessary. How? What have my little baby turned into? Oh dear!

Now, I really dislike how Kimi LURVES to parrot me. Especially on days when I'm in a hurry (which days am I not in a hurry?). Conversation just before bedtime and it was really late already ...

Me : Kimi, do you want milk?

Kimi : Kimi, do you want milk?

Me : Yes or no?

Kimi : Yes or no?

Me : C'mon, hurry up, you want milk or not?

Kimi : C'mon, hurry up, you want milk or not?

Me : C'mon, Yes or no?

Kimi : Yes No.

Me - Fuming and made the milk

(on looking back, I can laugh but whenever Kimi does a parrot, I really do not feel funny at all)

Last 2 months, I sometimes find Kimi asking me questions that can really put me in a fix. He was watching National Geographic and he suddenly said, "Orrh, elephant died already, no more". I was shocked and couldn't understand how and where he learnt about life/death. Perhaps it's from the Bible stories which I have been reading to him about Jesus' rise from death?

And another time, there was this show which the actress was having a spa/massage and had her top off. Kimi asked me point-blankly, "Why take out shirt?". I was stunned a few seconds before I could explain that the lady was having a massage and needed to rub the oil on her. He knows about oil cos whenever he falls, I would apply Chinese Oil and he will ask for it whenever he has a painful/serious bump.

Recently, Kimi is also more open to speaking Mandarin and he is picking it up at lightning speed! I'm so proud of him! Kimi is full of cheeky antics that can either deliver a heart attack or let you laugh till you ached at your sides.

It's utterly stressful to bring up this rambunctious, attention-seeking, demanding, super-active, loud, independent, food-hater, strong-willed adult trapped in a toddler's body BOY but when he is sweet, he is very very sweet. The best Mother's Day gift for me this year (altho a little late) is ..... simple words from an innocent heart. It's far better than any present you can buy.

Today as Kimi turns 28 months, this was what he said to me when I handed him his milk before his afternoon nap, " Mama, thank you milk. Mama, bless you!"

Totally shocked and touched beyond imagination. I hadn't taught him any of this and I'm just happy and grateful that he is learning to appreciate others.

My wish for Kimi is to be happy and healthy always, Happy 28th months Darling!



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