Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Bad Fall

Kimi is such an active child that I need to keep tabs on him every other 10sec - I mean it. I had just gone into the kitchen to bring Kimi's dinner out when this happened. Thinking that hubby is in the hall with him would be fine. Well, accidents happen.

Kimi rammed into the window and slice his nose on the window pane! The next thing I heard was this most bone-chilling cry which all mothers know it's not the normal kind of wailing. My heart dropped and I knew something was bad.

I ran out and picked him up but didn't see any blood. But within the next few seconds, it oozed out and I could see that the flesh on his nose was 'pushed' up.

Then to stop the bleeding and to reduce swell, I had to push the flesh down - harrowing isn't it? After calming him down, I needed to check how bad the injury was. So I asked Kimi to blow his nose and he did it willing and without any fear and he didn't scream in pain either. In fact, Kimi calmed down very quickly. What a brave boy!

That somehow gave me some relief as I knew he didn't break his bridge or had serious nose injury. Then we rushed him to the clinic.

Thank God, there were no internal injury. He was back to his old self even before leaving the clinic.

At the clinic, waiting for Dr to check

Back home - happy and enjoying his apple!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! THAT'S A BAD CUT!! Kimi is sooo brave



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