Friday, May 08, 2009

Budding Architect

Don't you think that is such a beautiful structure? Well, I do. See how Kimi co-ordinated the pitch roofs to its respectively colour? I'm seeing Kimi displaying more and more traits like these - attention to details and colour co-ordination.

He's quite a perfectionist like me. I worry about that cos I don't want him to BE like me. I'd rather he be more flexible than a stubborn old cow like me. :( But architects have to be meticulous ya? Lol!


Anonymous said...

May i know where u get these blocks from? I used to play them when I was young and am looking for these. Thks!


tona-mama said...

Hi Tan,

I got these wooden block from Toys 'r' us. The brand in Imaginarium. You can check them out. :)


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